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Why Capitoline?

Our specialty is peace of mind. Having a real account manager who will learn your business allows us to try and anticipate your needs before you do. This is what sets Capitoline Intel apart. From 2 to 200 screens a month, we are equipped with the right people and automation to create efficiencies in your process. Whether you are new to background screening or are looking for a new partner, Capitoline Intel is ready to help you get where you need to be. We can quickly set you up from zero to compliant.

We leverage the power of cutting-edge computing and data sourcing, yet under the supervision of our research team. You get the information you need to make sound decisions and the support you require to be FCRA compliant. We don’t sell data. We provide information. Knowledge.

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Our Services

Hire Responsibly

Let us do the work so your HR team can focus on more pressing matters.
  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Criminal, Civil, Federal
  • Sex Offender
  • DMV
  • Education
  • Medical Sanctions
  • Verify Past Employment
  • Legal Records Search
  • Professional Licenses
  • FCRA Compliance
...And More
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We Customize Our Services To Meet Your Needs

We work with our partners to define exactly what their needs and industry standards are. We create a plan and execute it.

Trucking & Logistics


Wealth Management






Our Training

Onboarding Process

We begin with the onboarding process, making sure that you are currently in compliance with best practices, the law, and make suggestions to be in compliance. We can provide the necessary sample forms and processes to get you up and running.


We will conduct periodic audits to ensure your organization remains in compliance with the law and our End-User agreement. This is a symbiotic partnership, not adversarial.

Free Webinars

We hold periodic free webinars that our clients may participate in. This also would allow your new team members to get up to speed.

In Depth Training

Should you need in depth training in a particular area, or you would like us to train your team in person, we offer à la carte training for a very reasonable cost to you.

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About Capitoline

NEW TO SCREENING? We will help you sort out exactly what needs to be accomplished and put together a service and pricing plan specifically for you.


EXPERIENCED RECRUITER? If you are looking for a fresh approach to your screening program or just looking to keep your existing vendor honest, give us a chance to show you what our dedicated team of professional investigators can do for you!


We will help you with FCRA training and compliance. Don’t be afraid of it, OWN IT. We are the experts! We will provide the training you feel is necessary to take the mystery out of the process. Believe it or not, we love this stuff! We solve problems. We can help solve your background screening challenges.

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The Latest News


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