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Michigan Clerks begin to block DOB Data from Background Researchers

Michigan courts passed a rule last year that will begin removing personally identifiable information (PII) to include date of birth from court records. This rule has been delayed until next year, however, some court clerks have already begun removing this information from the records. How does this affect us? We are required to use at least two points fo reference when identifying a court record for a pre-employment background check.

How does this affect our clients? We will do everything we can to produce reports with the most accurate data from the source. When clerks remove data from requested records it becomes difficult for us to find the required two or more points of data to clearly identify our subject. With common names it is even more important for us to find a third point of reference. When this information is not available to investigators, we feel it is a disservice to the community, particularly to employers who require fast and accurate data to assist with the hiring process.

The FCRA expects that data for pre-employment criminal research come from the best possible available source. If the best source is no longer the clerk of court, we will use all of our resources such as public, governmental, commercial, and proprietary databases to continue to produce the quality reports that our clients expect in the shortest possible time.

We encourage you to contact your state legislator and ask that basic PII such as date of birth remain part of the public record. Contact us any time with anything on your mind.

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